North Georgia Wedding Venue

North Georgia Wedding Venue

We Are Your Perfect North Georgia Wedding Venue

Looking for a Wedding Venue can be very exhausting and time-consuming. Some of the decisions you must consider are the type of venue style you are looking for, the number of guests, ease of travel to the venue, accessibility, and cost.

Your best advice is to start with a wedding planner. An experienced wedding venue coordinator can steer you toward the type of venue that would best serve you and your guests. Choose several wedding venues to compare the pros and cons of each of the venues of interest, to make your best choice.

One such Venue to consider, nestled at the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains, is a 90-year-old farmhouse with all its elegance and charm, repurposed into a beautiful Southern Wedding Venue. We believe this wedding venue; Southern Grace Wedding Center lives up to the grace and elegance one will see and experience at this Venue and is probably the most warming and cozy of all the venues in North Georgia.

Several wedding planners have praised the venue for the various “vignettes” of gathering places throughout the venue to include the uniquely designed Outdoor Chapel, patio areas, fireplaces & firepit, front porch, bridal suite, bar, the peaceful quit and the foothills in the distance.

Thoughtful design elements are what went into this Venue’s design layout thus creating a “Homey”, “Quaint”, “Cozy”, “Ease of Flow around its 3 acres”.

Place this Wedding Venue on your list to consider.

North Georgia Wedding Venue
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