Affordable Small Wedding Venues in North Georgia

Small Intimate Wedding Celebration | “Micro-Wedding”

Affordable Micro Wedding Venue North Georgia

Many engaged couples are now turning to a small intimate celebration wedding called a “Micro-Wedding”.

Several reasons for this are the ease of handling the overall Wedding planning and the event itself as compared to a much larger wedding gathering. The couple can also spend more time with their guests.

This type of gathering may tend to break up the traditional and more formal ways of engaging at a wedding to a more relaxed and simplified event. The cost savings and affordability are another factor for small weddings.

Couples are now looking for smaller wedding venues with an elegance about them that have cozy “vignette areas” for smaller groups to gather and enjoy each other’s company. When visiting a venue, see if you can experience its warmth that you would want your guests to enjoy.

Affordable Small Wedding Venues in North Georgia
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